The Humble Beginning of Elmer’s Family Restaurant

The rich history of Elmer’s Family Restaurant dates back to 1947, when Elmer and Jewel Poulsen opened their first diner in the Five Points area in El Paso, TX. They quickly established an excellent reputation because of their tasty food and delightful home-baked pies. Soon, the husband-and-wife team was able to expand the business into a 70-seat restaurant.

Steadily Growing Through the Years

In 1957, the Poulsens recognized the need for an economical drive-in restaurant in the community. To address this demand, they opened Elmer’s Drive-In on Hawkins Way. The couple later built Elmer’s Chicken cottage, which quickly became an El Paso favorite.

After a few years, Elmer missed the close contact they had with customers at their first restaurant. He then designed Elmer’s Family Restaurant and built it in 1962 at our present location. Many a customer fondly remembers having a cup of coffee personally served by Elmer, who most likely would also sit down and chat with them for a while.

Continuing the Legacy

Today, Elmer’s Family Restaurant continues its tradition of home cooking and heartwarming service. Our dining place remains to be a family-owned-and-operated business. Furthermore, we still serve made-from-scratch dishes prepared from the Poulsens’ special recipes as well as pies freshly made in our own bakery.

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